Family Immigration


Family Immigration

Navigating the complexity of the immigration system can be frightening and deeply emotional. Having personally experienced the shortcoming in the journey to naturalization, Mr. Buitrago has a profound understanding of the intricacies this process entails. At the Buitrago Law Firm, P.A. we offer highly specialized legal guidance for the below-listed immigration needs:


Visiting the U.S. for holiday or business:

  • B1 Visa – visiting for business reasons.
  • B2 Visa – visiting for tourism reasons.

Visas that permit you to work in the U.S:

  • E1 Visa – citizens of countries that the US has a treaty of commerce with who can offer substantial trade.
  • E2 Visa – citizens of countries that the US has a treaty of commerce with who can make a substantial investment.
  • H1B Visa – skilled workers within specialty occupations.
  • H2B Visa – working seasonal non-agricultural jobs.
  • L1A and L1B Visas – expanding your business to the US or being transferred to an existing business.
  • O1 Visa – workers with extraordinary ability within arts, science, business, education, or athletics.
  • TN Visa – workers from Canada or Mexico through the USMCA.

Visas that permit you to study in the U.S:

  • F1 Visa – those who plan to study at an academic institution or language training program.
  • M1 Visa – those who plan to study in vocational or other non-academic programs.

Green Card Options to work permanently in the U.S.

  • EB1 Green Card – for priority workers with extraordinary abilities, are outstanding professors and researchers, or multifunctional managers/executives 
  • EB2 Green Card – professionals with advanced degrees, exceptional abilities, or a National Interest Waiver (NIW)
  • EB3 Green Card – professionals with a bachelor's degree or its international equivalent
  • EB4 Green Card – special immigrants including religious workers or juveniles 

Green Card Options to live permanently in the U.S.

  • Family Sponsorship – those who are related to a US citizen or permanent resident.
  • EB5 Investor Green Card – living permanently in the US by making a substantial investment.
  • K-1 Fiancé Visa - allows a United States citizen to sponsor his/her fiancé(e) to come to the US in order to get married.

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